Become a Better Writer How to write with Clarity and Simplicity

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Improving the quality of your writing starts with rethinking your assumptions and developing healthier writing habits. This book will help you do both. Become a Better Writer: How to Write with Clarity and Simplicity is a practical guide for those who wish to write more clearly and concisely. Drawing on their extensive experience as writers and editors, the authors discuss tools and tips for making your writing accessible and meaningful to your target audience. The book is readable and engaging, covering different kinds of writing (including reports, essays, emails, novels and speeches) across a wide range of subjects. The examples discussed are derived from real-world material and are particularly relevant to the African context. The book will be especially useful to writers of non-fiction.

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Donald Powers & Greg Rosenberg

• CHAPTER 1 outlines the common problems that nearly all writers encounter at some stage. It covers the problem of writing to impress rather than inform, considers the global trend towards using plain language, and highlights some features of good and bad writing.
• CHAPTER 2 presents 10 principles that will help make your writing crisper and clearer.
• CHAPTER 3 discusses how to make your writing persuasive and easy to read. It covers writing to the point, building a logical argument and making key information accessible.
• CHAPTER 4 is about editing – how to make sure your grammar and punctuation are correct while keeping the bigger picture in mind.
• CHAPTER 5 presents more advanced approaches to make your writing engaging, such as using narrative and varying your style.
• CHAPTER 6 focuses on how to ensure clear, concise, engaging content in four common writing formats – speeches, opinion pieces, summaries and presentations.