Everyday spaces – The potential of neighbourhood space

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Everyday spaces looks at the origins and aspirations of innovative public space. It reveals a general lack of focus on the issue of public space in ordinary neighbourhoods, in contrast to the increasing amount of attention devoted to the city centre locations.

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Pauline Gallacher


ICE Publishing

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Introduction by Urban Design Group 6

Foreword by Ken Worpole 7

Introduction 12

Chapter 1 From Barcelona to Possilpark: Five Spaces for Glasgow

The origins and aspirations of an innovative public space project for Glasgow’s neighbourhoods 13

Chapter 2 Case study: Looking again at the Five Spaces, 1999-2002

The projects in development and realisation through the reactions of local participants 19

Chapter 3 Case study issues and the policy context

The projects in the context of the burgeoning debate on public space; expanding on the issues raised by the project descriptions 41

Chapter 4 Special places: ‘civic’ space in the neighbourhood

There remains a lack of focus on neighbourhood as opposed to town centre public realm issues. A further deficiency is detected around the subject of civic or special spaces in neighbourhoods 51

Chapter 5 Common places: the public space of neighbourhoods

Considers the ordinary space of ordinary places and proposes a much higher significance for this terrain than it is currently assigned 61

Chapter 6 Celebrating the mundane: adding cultural value to physical interventions Local public space is paradoxically more complex than that of the city centre. This chapter suggests a method for expressing the richness of day-to-day life in spaces that are of quality and genuinely earn their keep 67

Chapter 7 Postscript: Five Spaces, five years and a new project

A new project, Neilston: Space to Live, attempts to apply the lessons of the Five Spaces and the approach proposed by this book 79

Notes 85

References 86

Bibliography 87

Index 93